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Patrick was fascinated by crystals and no visit to a town in the UK or France was complete without trying to find the local crystal shop. He also regularly bought from the excellent selection in World of Fossils in St Nicholas’ Market Bristol, and various shops in Glastonbury.

He was rather sceptical of the idea that crystals have special powers, although he recognised that this is important for many people - provided they aren’t used as an alternative to medicine for treating serious conditions.

Each new crystal that he bought inspired its own setting: some simple just to showcase the beauty of the stone, and some more complex often with a gothic feel as that was a favourite style. He also loved to use the manmade stone Opalite and Bristol Blue glass. I have labelled all the pieces to the best of my knowledge but in some cases the identity of the stone is not known. Some pieces have naturally occurring flaws.

These pieces do not come with a chain so you can use your own chain, leather or ribbon as you choose. All are set in 925 sterling silver unless otherwise stated.

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